Buying a Home

Why Choose us to Help You Find Your Next Home?

A lot of people believe the only attribute required in a buyer's agent is whether or not they are free to let you in a house. Others just spend their time calling listing agents to see the houses they are interested in. The truth is buyers need an agent who is committed to and focused on their goals.

  • Experience and Expertise

    It is crucial that you have a full-time agent who knows the local area... well. Have they sold homes similar to what you're are looking for? Have they proven that they can advocate for you? 

  • Availability

    Real Estate is a fast moving business and requires your agent to be available when decisions need to be made. Does your broker have clear channels of communication? Do they embrace technology (i.e. text, social media, email, etc...)? Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to reach your representation!

  • Compassion

    Does your agent actually care about your goals and concerns? Do they take the time to listen to why you are looking to buy and what your plans are for the future? Can you trust that they genuinely have your best interests in mind throughout the process? Good agents are competitive and proven negotiators, but great agents are also compassionate.

  • Reputation

    Is your broker well-respected in the community? Are they someone you would want your name associated with? While it is business... it's a people business. You want someone that other brokers and sellers enjoy working with.

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